General Information

Lagos Review of English Studies (LARES): A journal of language and literary studies is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing original, well-researched papers, reviews and commentaries on language and literary studies.

Lagos Review of English Studies (LARES) offers a podium for the promotion of stimulating debates and discussions on language and literary studies for the purpose of knowledge development in its chosen fields worldwide, especially in Africa.

Contributions to this journal are invited from all countries.
Articles must be written in English and sent to:
The Editor
Lagos Review of English Studies (LARES)
The Department of English
University of Lagos
Akoka, Yaba
Lagos, Nigeria

Please note that manuscripts submitted for publication considerations are not returnable, whether accepted for publication or not. All contributions for consideration in LARES should be typed doublespaced on A4 size or similar paper with a wide margin.

Manuscript should be submitted online to departmentofenglishunilag Preferred file formats are Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or Rich Text format. References, tables and other illustrations should be presented on separate sheets. Articles are normally peer-reviewed and authors will be informed within three months of receipt of manuscript if their papers have been accepted for publication.

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not been previously published or is not being considered for publication elsewhere. If related material(s) is being published elsewhere, the author is required to state this fact. Editors and advisors reserve the right to edit accepted articles or rephrase parts of it. Authors are therefore advised to check their manuscripts very carefully before submission.

Reviews: Reviews are normally commissioned and must be sent in by a given deadline. They should not exceed 1,000 words.
Copyright: Contributors of accepted articles will be asked to sign their copyrights, on certain conditions, to University of Lagos to help protect their materials, particularly in Africa.
Reprints: Each contributor will receive one free copy of the LARES issue in which his/her article appears. Additional reprints may be purchased or ordered at the proof-stage.
Style Sheet: Contributions must generally conform to the MLA style of referencing (Literature articles) or the APA style of referencing (Language articles).
Each article must be arranged as follows:
Title Page: To facilitate blind reviews, all indications of authorship should be limited to this page. The title page should include: (a) full title of the paper; (b) name(s) and affiliation of the author(s); (c) mailing address and phone numbers of lead author; and (e) short title of less than 50 characters.
Abstract: Articles must be accompanied by an abstract of between 100 and 250 words on a separate page. The abstract must include the full title of the paper.
Acknowledgements: Indications of any grants support or substantial assistance in the preparation of the article, or any other author’s notes, should be placed below the abstract.
Text: Contributors are encouraged to use a five-character paragraph indent. Materials to be italicised must be clearly understood. Glosses should be placed within single quotation marks.
Tables: Tables must be presented on a separate sheet following the reference section. Each table should be typed double-spaced and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and a short title. All tables must be cited in the text.
Figures: Figures must be presented on separate sheets following the tables. Figures must be ready for photographic reproduction. Photographs must be “8 x 11” glossy; diagrams professionally rendered or computer generated.
All labels and details must be clearly printed and legible at 50% reduction. Figures must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and must be cited in the text.
Proofs: First proofs will be sent to the lead author who will be expected to correct and return them to the Editor electronically within ten days of receipt.

Lagos Review of English Studies: A Journal of Language and Literary Studies is published by the
The Department of English,
University of Lagos,
Akoka, Yaba, Lagos,